Half way on our Stand Up Paddle journey in northern Norway

We’ve been a week on the water off the Norwegian islands of Rebbenesøya, Sandøya, Grøtøya and Nordkvaløya. It’s been a mixed bag of weather conditions but overall we have been paddling some good distances. The SUP’s fully packed are handling the ocean swell and the scenery has been wild and remote. The exposed western coast is rugged and menacing but our SUP’s allow us to get up close and have given us access to some great camping spots.

We really haven’t seen much sign of life other than the odd hello from the local seals and a few passing dolphins. Being so far up north offers some fascinating bird watching with almost hourly puffin flybys and visits from the Arctic tern on its epic migrating journey from Antarctica.

Today we have reached the northern most point of the trip. We camped on a small archipelago just off the coast of Nordkvaloya and plan to turn southwards tomorrow. We are half way and loving every minute of what Norway has to offer.

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