Jean-Luc Grossmann

Jean-Luc confesses that the spirit of travel and adventure is strong within his soul. Born in Paris he has lived for the past 33 years in Switzerland where he works as a professional corporate photographer. He loves to discover foreign cultures around the globe and feels as much at home in the desert as he does on pack ice. His various trips have led him to countries as diverse as Greenland, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Namibia and Vietnam. Jean-Luc continues to explore all facets of travel and outdoor photography, encouraging others to discover the world around them and to be curious about the new and the unknown.

Justin Hession

Having traveled the world for 5 years as a backpacker in the 1990’s, Justin recognized his passion for adventure. After working on charter boats in the Caribbean his travels guided him from the depths of the Amazon to the foot of Mt Everest. He has kayaked the northern Alaskan rivers and road motorbikes across Mongolia in his constant quest for outdoor experiences.
With over 15 years as a professional photographer he has combined his profession with his love for adventure to push his storytelling in exciting new directions.

Karel Kukal

Karel was born in Prague and grew up in Switzerland. Besides to his travels and expeditions he works as a psychiatrist and accompanies patients on discovering their inner worlds. As a doctor in Zurich, he is part of a mobile crisis intervention team treating emergency cases in their homes. In his spare time Karel regularly retreats to the Alps, where he has trained in mountain and expedition medicine. Being a longtime lifeguard he is also a passionate water sportsman and loves to explore new and remote places.