A day at Burning Man

Okay, we were not at Burning Man to party like most of our friends thought. We were undertaking a project so we didn’t get to participate as much as we would have liked. It was an incredible test of our discipline and self-control. There were a myriad of distractions around every bend. We found it nice to be part of a team instead of the singular world of freelancing back home. It offered a platform where we could support and encourage each other as there were many tough times. The dust storms were endless and the heat in the afternoon zapped our energy. We were dirty, well actually filthy more than just dirty. The constant excitement outside our RV’s door meant we had little rest. We made many new friends and were invited to many gatherings but we needed to stay focused on our project and make sure we had enough material to tell our story upon return.

It meant getting up at 6am before the heat kicked in. It was usually quieter at this time but there was still plenty of activity out on the Playa from the night before. Like we said in the last post, the party was never ending.

We generally returned around 9am-10am to clean all our equipment from the fine dust that could potentially destroy our cameras. Then all the mornings pictures would be downloaded and backed up and the best ones selected and post-produced. We would then turn on the generator of the RV to recharge the camera and light batteries. Having the generator on meant we could fire up the air-conditioner and get some respite from the afternoon heat.

Around 4pm we would head out again on our separate ways for more exploration. When the sun sunk behind the mountains to the west and the howls of the wolves died down we would once again converge on the RV, clean, download, recharge and cook up some dinner. The nights out on the Playa were so magical we all wanted to ride around for the shear thrill. We knew when we left BM these nights would be sorely missed.

Pictures and stories will be added within next week. Thank you for your patience!

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