Lurking behind the next bend in the river is glittering Ivösjön, the largest lake in Skåne, and where the second part of our voyage of discovery by paddle begins. At the mouth of the river, an imposing tree root looms above us, reminiscent of the shield of a triceratops. Traces of dinosaurs have in fact been found on the nose between the lakes of Oppmannasjön and Ivösjön, and the area around Ivösjön is one of the most fossil-rich in the world. In Barumskvinna’s lifetime, Ivösjön was still part of the sea. Since then, the slow uplift of Scandinavia has changed the region forever. We glide across the shimmering surface of the lake rich in history. Ospreys circle in the sky, on the look-out for a rewarding catch. White clouds are reflected on dark waters. With every paddle stroke, we move further out into the silent distance.
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